Harts Street Team! Adrienne!

Harts Fabric somewhat recently introduced their Street Team and I’m excited to be in this group of fun and talented sewists! #imnotworthy


I did want to take a moment before I sharing my first project to explain what it means to be on the team. It means that Harts sends me fabric to work with and often patterns and possibly some notions. It doesn’t mean I get paid or reimbursed monetarily otherwise. I don’t have any affiliate links (with Harts or any other companies). There’s a quick little disclosure on my blog that many folks have probably never seen.


It appears in a column on the right, below links to the most recent blog posts. As most folks are browsing via their smart phones, they never see this column due to the simplified format of the mobile-friendly site.

But that’s it. It’s not complicated. I’m not profiting. So I won’t be marking my Harts Street Team contributions as ads or sponsored. I will mark that content with our official tag, #hartsstreetteam and I will always be honest about everything I share.

So thank you, Harts, for your generosity. I’m thrilled to partner with you in sharing a love of fabric and sewing. Let’s get to Adrienne!

This was my first time working with a pattern from Friday Pattern Company. Obviously, I love that the pattern is a PDF file and has LAYERS. (Thank you, sweet baby Jesus for that.) There’s sweet little encouraging notes in the margins between the pattern pieces and those certainly put a smile on my face too. It felt almost wrong to cut them off!


With a full bust around 35/36” depending on the bra, waist 29-ish” depending on the meal, and hips about 37”, I chose do do a straight size medium. Many of the examples of this blouse on Instagram appear very fitted throughout the entire torso, so that’s something I considered when choosing the size. (The pattern doesn’t supply a finished hip measurement.)

The fabric I received from Harts is a blush modal jersey. The modal part was the selling point. And it’s pink! I suddenly wear pink now and can’t seem to get enough.

Those thoughtful folks also sent 1/2” elastic, matching thread and stretch needles!

Those thoughtful folks also sent 1/2” elastic, matching thread and stretch needles!

I wish you could feel like stuff. It’s super soft and has a cool hand. I don’t know what it is about this knit, but it also has a woven feel to it. So unique! It’s a wee bit thick, but not so much as a ponte.

Adrienne is super simple really. The front and back pieces are the same, and the sleeves are cut on the fold. This makes for really quick sewing. The front and back necklines gets a simple band to finish, while there’s a casing for elastic at the top of the sleeves.

Hello, gorgeous!

Hello, gorgeous!

I used both my serger and sewing machine to construct this blouse.

I love a good thread blend!

I love a good thread blend!


One modification I made was to cut the sleeve hem elastic 2” shorter than recommended. At the full elastic length, I found the sleeve wanted to get hung up on my elbow.

My blouse hem is only 1/4” (serged and turned once) because I wanted to keep as much length as possible. (I’m 5’5” tall, average, really!) It was just right like this, so I would consider adding some length to the bodice next time to have at full 1/2” hem.


Oh, the drama of that sleeve! It’s everything I’d been coveting on everyone’s Adriennes for months!

Just point me in the direction of the nearest Renaissance fair, please!

Just point me in the direction of the nearest Renaissance fair, please!

I slimmed the side seam a tad below the waist. This lightly structured fabric wanted to hang away from my body a bit too much. I would consider going down a size all around if using very drapey or lax fabric such as rayon spandex. It also would be great to combine this pattern with a bodysuit to hold it tucked into high-waisted jeans.


The blush color is a great match with my suede booties and I see these 2 items getting pairs together frequently this fall.




Harts had gifted me materials prior to the official Street Team designation. Those projects were previously blogged- Ailakki top, Flint pants, Evergreen jacket, and “Kendra” jumpsuit.