The essence of HavinSewMuchFun is no surprise. Sewing is fun! For me, it's a creative outlet and challenge. I enjoy the process, learning new techniques, and the products of my labor. This passion is what I'd like to share with you here. There's a page for showing off my work (Sew & Tell), a little blurb on how I got started sewing (About), and a fabric gallery (Stash).

I've moved my business here from the confines of that ginormous handcrafted shop site, so you'll find pages about buying and custom sewing under the Design and Shop menu. 

There's lots more to share too and I'll be adding content when life allows. Who knows? Maybe I'll even blog!

(I probably won't blog.)

Lastly, just wanted to put out a big kudos to my hubby, Mr. Fun, for supporting my fabric and sewing addictions.

Maybe I'll blog.

The jury is out on the blogging part.

Thanks for stopping by!


Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun.
— Randy Pausch