Berry Baskets with Alexandria Fabrics

We were deep in last year’s winter when Lizzie Clark invited me to sew for a blog tour featuring her new Sweet Bee Fabrics collection, Alexandria. The collection instantly transported me to spring and begged to become items celebrating garden treasures.

And so I chose to use Noodlehead’s Berry Baskets. It’s a free pattern and tutorial, just ripe for the picking! #ithinkimpunny

small basket, using Songbird and Bloom Bouquet prints

small basket, using Songbird and Bloom Bouquet prints

Those sweet little bird silhouettes!

I made both basket sizes, small and large.

large size (Bloom Bouquet inside)

large size (Bloom Bouquet inside)

Because I’m kinda lazy when it comes to interfacing, I skipped the heavy interfacing in the sides of the baskets and they were kind of…a literal flop.


To stabilize the sides and add some visual interest, I decided to weave some double fold 1/2” strips around the baskets and ultimately I created a forktonne more work for myself. As one does!


I used my buttonhole cutter to create the slits to weave the fabric strips. If only I had studied basket weaving in school instead of medicine! There was a lot of “winging it” going on.

But I think they came out rather cute!

(Flower Garden and Garden Path)

(Flower Garden and Garden Path)

These sweet little baskets are great for holding crafty wares too.


And they’re reversible!


My stop today concludes the tour!

Here’s the full schedule so you may be inspired by the other participants’ sweet makes too.

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April 30 - Meg -

May 2 - Sharon -

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May 14 - Jen -

May 16 - Diane -

May 21 - Steph -

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May 28 - Allison -

It’s entirely possible I set aside my favorites from Alexandria with plans to make myself something extra special…and naturally ran out of time. So there will be more Alexandria in my future!

The Blossoms print is my favorite.

The Blossoms print is my favorite.

Thanks for sharing your collection with me, Lizzie!