LBG Studio Double Zip Pouch

A little change of pace for me as far as pattern testing goes, I recently had the opportunity to test the Double Zip Pouch PDF pattern for Vanessa of LBG Studio

The Double Zip Pouch pattern offers 4 sizes from small ( 9.5" W x 6.25" H) to extra large (12.5" W x 9.25" H) and features 2 zippered compartments, with a inner pocket in the main section. The pattern also has the option for a wrist loop.

And, of course, it all comes together perfectly.

Small Double Zip Pouch

Small Double Zip Pouch

I made a second one, a medium this time, to try out these purdy gold zippers from Zipper Island. The medium happens to be a size that would work well for a diaper clutch, so I've shown it loaded up with baby supplies, but of course you can put whatever you like in your pouch.

This bright floral canvas, Watercolor Whimsy Flowers by Nikki Butler, was sourced from Spoonflower.

The pattern is on sale for $6 through July 31, but Vanessa is running a Double Zip Pouch pattern giveaway thread in her Facebook group. She's offering three chances to win for those that comment, so jump over there to enter!

Thanks for stopping by!