The essence of HavinSewMuchFun is no surprise. Sewing is fun! For me, it's a creative outlet and challenge. I enjoy the process, learning new techniques, and the products of my labor. This passion is what I'd like to share with you here. There's a page, (Sew & Tell), for showing off my work when I don't have time to write much, a little blurb on how I got started sewing (About).

I've moved my business here from the confines of that ginormous handcrafted shop site, so you'll find a Custom Sewing Consultation for purchase in the shop as well as any ready to ship samples I have on hand. 

There's lots more to share too and I'll be adding content when life allows. Who knows? Maybe I'll even blog!


I do blog!

Lastly, just wanted to put out a big kudos to my hubby, Mr. Fun, for supporting my fabric and sewing addictions.

(And by supporting I mean playing xbox when I disappear into my sewing space.)

Thanks for stopping by!


Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun.
— Randy Pausch