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Hey June June Winners and Round Up

We did it, Hey June super fans! We spent every single day in June sewing, wearing, and sharing our favorite Hey June pattern. And then with the support of Adrianna, the Hey June designer, we gave away patterns and patterns and patterns! It was incredible. We are happy. Thank you for the fun and collaboration. We hope you had a great month, too.

Want to know who was chosen for the GRAND PRIZES? Let’s get to that now!

The winner of the first grand prize simply had to share a handmade item using a Hey June Handmade pattern and tag it with the hashtag #heyjunejune19. There were several hundred entries!

Reminder of Grand Prize Package #1:


Grand Prize Package 1 Details

And the winner is…



Congratulations! Contact us at letssewthistogether@gmail.com and we will get your prize package information directly to you.

For Grand Prize #2 the randomly selected winner had to share their version of a #HeyJuneTrifecta! We accepted three versions of the same pattern or three different versions. This was a really fun category because we got to see the creativity that so many Hey June fans put into their makes!

Reminder of Grand Prize Package #2:


Grand Prize Package 2 Details

The winner of Grand Prize #2 is…



Congratulations! Emails us at letssewthistogether@gmail.com and we will get you the prize package information directly to you!

Want to see more of your hosts’ favorites from this month? Audrey, Emily, Loni, and Jen will all be posting and tagging their favorite makes from this month on their Instagram accounts. Make sure you follow them all over there!

Thank you again to Adrianna and all of our sponsors for the whole month. We love this sewing community and are grateful for the enthusiasm and support we have received for all of our #letssewthistogether events!

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Hey June....June
to Jun 30

Hey June....June

Calling all Hey June Handmade super fans: we need you! We are planning a 30 day Hey June patterns celebration during the month of June (the obvious choice) and are looking for 30 people to be a part of the fun.

Every day in the month of June a different Hey June super fan will showcase their favorite Hey June pattern and host a Hey June pattern giveaway! To take part, you must either be willing to share your make and host a giveaway on the Hey June patterns Facebook group, your own blog, or your Instagram account on your assigned day in the month of June.

More Hey June June details:

-To apply to for one of the spots, please fill out this Google form.

-Each day in June a super fan will share their unique take on their favorite Hey June pattern. Patterns for kids and tweens are also included in the month long celebration! Your make could be made with a unique or special fabric! Or maybe a fun pattern hack! Or maybe you are copying an expensive ready-to-wear look. Get creative! Makes do not necessarily need to be new sews (if you’ve already peaked #ithappens); they can be super awesome frequently-worn favorites! Include your pattern choice and idea in the application.

-If more than 30 people apply, we will choose daily giveaway hosts based on the creativity and pattern choice in their application (we want to feature EVERY Hey June pattern throughout the month). Hey June fans of all sizes, races, genders, and ages are welcome and encouraged to participate and apply.

-Loni of Havin’ Sew Much Fun, Audrey of Skirt Fixation, Emily of Replicate Then Deviate, and Jen of Maker Heart will be each be leading one week of Hey June June to help you find the giveaway hosts and locations so you can enter to win!

-Throughout the month we are planning fabric and notion giveaways to help everyone sew their favorite Hey June patterns too!

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Hey June....heyyyyy June
to Jun 30

Hey June....heyyyyy June

Friends! It’s here! I don’t know how it’s already June (You’re right, it’s still May), but it’s practically June and we’re ready to party!


We had so many Hey June Handmade fans apply to show off their love for Adrianna and Hey June Handmade Patterns that I have literally lost track of them. There’s approximately 60 makers!! Starting Monday, May 27 at least one fan will be sharing something (maybe several somethings!) they’ve made with an HJ pattern AND hosting a pattern giveaway. The party will take place both on Instagram and in the Hey June Handmade Patterns Facebook Group.

We have a team of four hosts for the month; Audrey, Emily, Jen, and Loni.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Instagram Post – Untitled Design.png

Each host will be giving away a fabric and pattern bundle provided by a sponsor during kick-off week. (You’re following us all now, right?)

Special thanks to our kick-off week sponsors!  Style Maker Fabrics ,  Hey June Handmade ,  Maker Mountain Fabrics , and  Sew To Speak .

Special thanks to our kick-off week sponsors! Style Maker Fabrics, Hey June Handmade, Maker Mountain Fabrics, and Sew To Speak.

Hey! Fun fact! The first Hey June June was started but the amazing Mrs. Appl herself and then it was taken over by her loyal and adoring fans.

So daily pattern giveaways on IG and FB with fabric/pattern bundle giveaways during kick-off week…but wait, there’s more! Buy* now and we’ll include weekly prize giveaways AND TWO GRAND PRIZE PACKAGES (valued at about $200 each)!!

*there’s nothing to buy…I just think I’m funny

Yeah. Holy smokes! The sewing community has been incredibly generous, as they often are. I’m constantly overwhelmed by the support offered by pattern designers, fabric vendors, and sewists alike.

Grand Prize Package 1 HJJ.png

Grand Prize Package 1 Details

To be entered to win: simply share a new make from any Hey June pattern from May 27th-June 30th. Tag your make with #HeyJuneJune19 and #letssewthistogether. No purchase necessary! You can use a free Hey June pattern (there are two for adults and several for kids; search the site for “free”).

Grand Prize Package 2 HJJ.png

Grand Prize Package 2 Details

To be entered to win Grand Prize Package #2, share a Hey June Trifecta! This could be a single outfit using 3 different patterns, 3 different outfits using any combination of 2 patterns, or a single pattern sewn up 3 different ways. Tag your entry #HeyJuneTrifecta #HeyJuneJune19.

We’ll be throwing in some fun with Willamette Wednesdays and a perhaps a few other surprises as well. Now, WHO IS READY TO SEW AND WEAR ALL THE HEY JUNE HANDMADE ALL MONTH LONG?

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to Dec 31


We loved sewing with you in 2018! We’re taking December off to finish out the year and start planning 2019.

If you have a moment, please consider giving us some feedback via the form linked here.

We’re interested in picking up some guest hosts and planning new challenges!

Thanks, Friends!

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October: Stripes AND FROSTING
to Oct 31

October: Stripes AND FROSTING

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September: Outerwear
to Sep 30

September: Outerwear

I was rooting for Scraptember but it seems Jen (@makerheart) has big plans for a jacket or a coat or whatnot. (That means you have time to amass more scraps in your bin(s) until Scrapvember. bwhahahaha)

So yeah. Tackle that jacket or coat project and you'll be ready for the fall.

We've got a sweet sewing friend, Gwyn (she's @clever_colleen) that wants to share her favorite fabric with the world. She's offering up 2 yards of "The Best Fabric Ever" to be given away this month. She says-


My plans? Not entirely sure yet. I do know I do have the materials for at least one Halifax hoodie that I've been neglecting to actually make.


A slower month for Sewing Together means I can actually tackle a round-up.

Asheley of @terrapinnasews was our winner with her Halifax hoodie.

Michelle of @sewjourners shared a sneak peek of her fall Wiksten Kimono with us.

My whole heart is in this project, like nothing I've ever sewn before. I was responsibly making my fall plans and then BOOM. I saw the #WikstenKimono that @vacilandoquilting made and I absolutely had to drop everything in true creative planner style. I found the dreamiest linen viscose blend from @PDXsewingstudio for my first because the boiled wool in this color is out of stock everywhere. I was going to make a wool version later, but after wearing this #WIP I don't know if I will. These two fabrics together are just magical, I cannot put into words how amazing they are in softness, drape, richness, breath-ability and warmth. Everything you could want in the perfect fall layering piece or just throw-on-in-the-house-and-feel-like-a-million-bucks piece. I was able to source all my supplies from #PDXSewingstudio, the copper linen/viscose, Ikat direct from Mumbai and the paper pattern which is worth every penny just in the packaging and booklet alone. (You all know I have weak spot for a beautifully designed paper pattern) I am unbelievably excited to wear it and yet I am taking my sweet time on all the details, cutting slowly, finishing every single raw hem, copying Laura's pocket idea. The whole process is delightful when working with such amazing fibers. I am in my studio every second I can because it's calling my name, and that's way more mystical than I am comfortable with so I'm going to leave it at that. #sewphotohop seasonal. . . . _______________________________ #linenviscose #Ikat #fallsewing #thedailyseam #sewersgonnasew #madewithfabric #seamstresslife #sewingisselfcare #tallstyle #thecreativegrid #instasew #sewingismytherapy #creativeoutlet #millenialsewing #fashionsewing #waketomake #linenlove #sewinspired #letssewthistogether

Sonya at @handmadebymrsk shared a scrumptious cardigan that I’d love for myself right about now. Also that rib fabric! <3

And Erin, @vinthillknits, stunned us with her recreation of a favorite rtw jacket. AMAZING, Erin.

As for Jen and me, Jen teased us with a glimpse of a cape she made earlier in the year, while sharing her progress on a coat in her stories.

I completed a Halifax hoodie plus 4 new patterns!

Women No 29

Kochi Kimono

Ma Vinny

Sapporo (Still needs that hand sewing to be completely finished!)

I’ll leave you with my favorite tag for the month-

I’d love to see what this cutie is sewing up! <3

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July-August: FREE
to Aug 31

July-August: FREE

When I first suggested a free for all as a theme, Jen laughed at me and said I was spiraling. And then I explained that the idea was simply to sew using free patterns. There's loads out there and many are great! Maybe you have a favorite that has become a tried and true. Maybe it's time to try some new ones. Maybe you've already downloaded or even printed them out. Sew them! Share them. We love being sewcial with you.

I've got a couple of suggestions to get you started if you need a jumping off point (because pinterest is bananas anymore and I'm not going to suggest you go down that broken rabbit hole)-

Peppermint Sewing School

A peplum, wide leg pants, a boxy top (first on my list), a jumpsuit AND MANY MORE. All free.


Gallery Block
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Sew Loft

You'll find a whole collection of free patterns in the Dropbox album linked in the post! I've only tried Diana (I don't even like spaghetti straps but I'm gonna make a not-an-Ogden-cami anyway), but there's plenty of free sewing opportunities here. (Thanks, Gwyn, for finding this treasure trove.)

Upcraft Club

Over a dozen simple freebies here.


After I started this post, Gwyn also shared Robynne's "Complete list of almost free patterns." The list is now maintained on her blog and it's a pretty comprehensive list of the patterns offered by indie designers for free in exchange for joining their facebook group.

I hope you enjoy your summer, folks! Hopefully you can splurge on extra fabric since you've saved some dollars by working with free patterns. :) 

Edited to add-

LA Finch Fabrics has generously offered to sponsor this session!

Be sure to use the #letssewthistogether hashtag on Instagram between July 1st and August 31st, 2018 when sharing your makes to be entered. 

Thank you for sharing your free pattern makes with us this summer! We were overwhelmed by your entries and your tremendous creativity. The first few months of #letssewthistogether we were able to round up and thank everyone individually for their contribution(s). We can't keep up with your pace any longer, though!



Please note! My attempt to credit each the pictures above didn't work out as planned. I'm working on attributing the makers and linking the patterns properly.- I believe I've corrected this! (but it's best to view this gallery on a computer aka not mobile.)

Also- congrats to our random winner, Gwyneth (@clever_colleen). Seems sewing all those Plantains really paid off! That red one is particularly lucky!


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June: Florals
to Jun 30

June: Florals

They say May showers bring June flowers, right?

Untitled design (1).png

Sew any floral fabric with us in June. Bonus points* for Les Fleurs.

*Bonus points redeemable for my love and admiration.

Actually! Jen is offering a legit prize!!

I'm behind on the round up, but it's coming!

No. It's not. I'm clearly not doing a round-up.

Congrats to Elizabeth, though. Her tropical kimono was randomly drawn as the winning post for June.

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May: Summer Whites
to May 31

May: Summer Whites

Summer Whites

We've had some random snow storms in Ohio this month, but yesterday is was 85 degrees and 80 the day before. I HAD TO TURN ON THE AC LAST NIGHT. It got me thinking I need to start working on the things I want to be wearing this summer.

(Now I know, I've still got a bag to make for this month...Edited to add- IT'S DONE!)

For May's #letssewthistogether, we're sewing summer foundation pieces. Tops and bottoms in white that will pair with those other bright and bold pieces in our summer wardrobes. A white tee. A white button up/down. White cropped pants. A classy white jean jacket. Pull the whites from your fabric library and Let's Sew Them Together!

And bonus!! LA Finch Fabrics is sponsoring May's sewing session! Josie has a 6 yard case of knits we'll be giving away to a participant. (International sewers welcome, shipping charges due.)

You can use any fabric you've got that's mostly white to sew with us, but we're giving bonus points for using Finch-sourced materials and there will be a bonus prize ($10 UpCraft Club credit) for one random participant. 

So pull out all your white (or mostly white) fabric. If you don't have something in your stash already, show our sponsor some love and check Finch's stock first-

Sew it together. Share it. Win some Finch.

We look forward to sewing together with you.

Jen and I both wrote inspiration posts! Find them here and here.

Round up time!

Meg (@cookinandcraftin) tagged 2 gorgeous white linen tops! Meg is always so classy; she's totally one of my idols.

Read more about her Liesl and Co Classic Shirt and her Closet Case Kalle on her blog.

Laura Sinkbeil (@laurasinkbeil) shared 2 fresh new white sews as well, and both happen to be from Hey June Patterns!

Everything Brittani (@untitledthoughts) sews is jaw dropping. Check out all 3 of these amazing sews.

Like, whoa, right?

Isn't that the most elegant Charlie Caftan you've ever seen? Brittani teaches a workshop for Charlie; if you're down around New Orleans, check her workshop schedule out!

Ellen (@ellen.mchugh) hacked a Made by Rae pattern and then wore it to her 20 year renunion! Bravo!

We got some sneaks of a few projects in the works-

Theresa (@imsewciallyawkward) was working on a tank based on a rtw version. Katie (@domestic.t.bliss) had a Seamwork Mesa planned. Saritha (@samlovestosew) had a lovely bright white mystery sew left to finish.

We were in awe of these hand-basted pockets by Anne (@anne.makes.things) which are obviously perfect on her layering shirt.

Anne also sewed an embroidered tank using the Kate pattern from Tessuti.

How perfect is this striped top by Sonya (@handmadebymrsk)? She says Constance is a go to for her. I'll be checking that pattern out!

Lauren (@rosegardenln) managed to NOT DYE the thrifted fabric for her Cleo skirt and IT IS JUST STUNNING. (I used all caps here, because hello! this is a big deal, folks! Check her gorgeous blog and you'll understand what I mean.)

Stephanie (@stephaniesews) said she was easing into sewing white (many folks are somewhat opposed to wearing white!) by starting with a gray and white Lark tee.

Check out Jen (@makerheart)'s sleeveless Cheyenne. I mean she modeled it #greigewall style! #bestillmyheart.

Brianne (@bricrafty) joined in again! Her Farrah in swiss dot is summer in a nutshell. 

Whitney (@whitney.makes) shared a pair of makes. A win on the Driftless, but not so much on her Plaintain.

Oh, and hey! Andie (@sewprettyinpink) almost forgot to tag her make. We're glad we didn't miss this!! More on her incredible caftan in her post.

It's no longer a mystery; Saritha (@samlovestosew) finished her Becarra! So classy!

Check this gorgeous spread by Sonya (@handmadebymrsk)!

And last, but not least is Gwyn (@clever_colleen)'s rainbow coverstitched Artic racer tank (Harristar patterns/shop closed).

Thanks everyone for sewing with us! And special congrats to Andie, who won the fabric bundle from La Finch Fabrics

ETA- A summary of my Summer Whites makes can be found here.

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Mid March-April: Bags
to Apr 30

Mid March-April: Bags

We sewed bags, man! 

Check out what we all sewed together-

Sarah (@rocketsarah) made a delicious Traverse bag.

Sarah's full blog post is here and, holy smokes, it's lovely!

*adds traverse bag to sewing queue

Lauren (@rosegardenln) pieced all the colors of her garden into this Santorini tote.

A sweet Double Zip Pouch came off Brianne (@bricarfty)'s machine.

And Jen (@makerheart) made a Double Zip Pouch too.

(Clearly it's a must have pattern. I was lucky to get in on testing it!)

...as well as a matching drool-worthy Poolside Tote!

I think I was the last one to finish. The blog post for my Caravan Tote is here


Thanks, all!

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February-Mid March: Sewist's Choice Finch Picks
12:00 AM00:00

February-Mid March: Sewist's Choice Finch Picks

We had a terribly hard time narrowing down the options for this month. When we put it to a vote it ended essentially in a tie, so we left it to sewer's choice of any of these from La Finch Fabrics.

February is a few days shorter than the rest (and maybe I got distracted by #nofearnewjeans month), so we extended this session through mid-March.

This is the only one still be available-

Famous Maker Graphite Space Dye Tri-Blend Knit

Famous Maker Graphite Space Dye Tri-Blend Knit


I had this fabric on hand before we started and it became a cozy Halifax with exaggerated cowl/funnel.

I had this fabric on hand before we started and it became a cozy Halifax with exaggerated cowl/funnel.

Jennilee was the first to share her hoodie.

Brianne joined in!

I made another view of Halifax with the modal FT. Details  here .

I made another view of Halifax with the modal FT. Details here.

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