Cosmo Tour

I couldn't pass up the opportunity when Suz of sewpony put a call out for folks looking to contribute to a blog tour for her new girls' dress pattern, Cosmo. While I didn't test the pattern, it's currently August and Cosmo suddenly spoke to me as being a great option for school uniforms. Lucky for me (as I discussed here), our school has a somewhat relaxed uniform policy. 

I had to reign in my initial enthusiasm a tad when I started thinking about how I was going to pull off the pattern matching of our school plaid with those lovely pockets and side panels.


Possibly the best approach to difficult-to-match patterns is simply to throw the idea of matching across seams out the window completely. I decided to go with the most simple silhouette (the third view above) and cut the side panels on the bias.

Now, maybe you noticed that view doesn't have the awesome pockets that are one of the main design features. I know. I know. ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY LEAVE OFF THE POCKETS. But since I'm a plaid-matching wimp, I opted to do inseam pockets instead. I just borrowed the pockets from another sewpony pattern, Juliette. Actually, this is one of the awesome features of the Cosmo pattern- many of the options (sleeves, collars) from other sewpony patterns will fit. Suddenly Cosmo has even more design options.


I could not be happier with how it all came together! I mean, is it even possible to be in love with a school uniform?! Well, I'm in love with this one.

She found a little slug in the grass. I tried to get his mug shot.

I loved sneaking some little bird silhouette fabric in with the lining on the flutter sleeves and inside the pockets. It's a sweet touch for a little girl whose mum loves birds and a detail you wouldn't get on a store bought uniform. I also used the same accent fabric to finish the armscyes and neckline with bias. The Cosmo pattern comes with facings for a quick, clean finish. 

Inseam pockets

Inseam pockets

The piping detail is one of the things that initially turned me on to sewpony patterns. Sure, you could always add this detail to any pattern you're working with, but Suz's designs incorporate piping beautifully and her instructions will help you achieve the look if you haven't done it before.

Back features an exposed zipper with optional zip guard.

Back features an exposed zipper with optional zip guard.

I think the flutter sleeves are charming and will work with a long sleeve tee layered under as we head in to the colder months. 

We've got the first day of school outfit nailed, don't you think? Thanks for another splendid pattern, Suz!

Suz is offering a 15% off the Cosmo Dress PDF pattern with code- COSMOTOUR. (Valid now through midnight Australian Eastern Standard Time on Friday, September 1st.)

Sofie (WenSJewat) and Alex (giddyants) also have posts for the tour today and you can see the full line up of participants below. Thanks for stopping by. 

Waterfall Raglan Uniforms

When the girls' Waterfall Raglan pattern by Chalk and Notch released in late 2016, the holiday versions in stretch velvet dominated all. my. feeds. Since then, I've seen Waterfalls sewn up in a wide range of fabrics and seen many different modifications and styles. (Check out the Make It Mine Tour on Chalk and Notch's blog if you haven't already. I would link it here, but apparently Square Space is vetoing that functionality for me EVEN THOUGH I WAS ABLE TO INSERT A HYPERLINK IN THIS SAME PARAGRAPH BEFORE. What gives? I'm digressing...)

My spin on this pattern does a 180 from dressy holiday wear to everyday staple as school uniforms.

The uniform code at our school is somewhat relaxed. Solid grey, navy or khaki apparel is allowed. (There's also a school plaid, but it seems to be a proprietary plaid and I can't find yardage to purchase, only ready to wear garments. Wah. I'm digressing again...) For girls, the hem of skirts and jumpers should fall at or below mid-knee. 

I sewed up 2 dress-length versions straight from the pattern as designed without any modifications.


The short-sleeved Waterfall is made entirely from a navy solid mid-weight knit. It's perfect for warm weather. 

For the winter version, I used a thick, quilted knit for the long sleeves and bodice and another simple solid for the neckband, ruffles, and pocket.

The length (both dresses were left unhemmed here) is very modest and well within the school's policy.

I think she likes it.

I think she likes it.

Detail of the quilted knit. I wish I could remember where it's from. I want to say At any rate, it's the stuff that heaven and hoarding are made of.

Detail of the quilted knit. I wish I could remember where it's from. I want to say At any rate, it's the stuff that heaven and hoarding are made of.

A comfortable and stylish alternative to traditional school uniforms, I see many a Waterfall Raglan in our future.