Heyyy, Kendra!

So this make is a looooong time coming. I had planned to make a version of an Anthroplogie jumpsuit since March (?) when the #sewbibs challenge started. I remember being quite thankful the challenge was running through mid-April. I had plenty of time!! LOADS OF TIME.

Yeah. So it’s June now. Hey June June. Don’t ask me what happened to the last 3 months. I quite literally don’t know. But here’s what I do know. I made that jumpsuit. My way. And it is practically nothing like the original jumpsuit I set out to make.

So. The fabric. The amazing Harts crew sent me some of the Robert Kaufman Santa Cruz twill in moss. Obviously it’s not pink. But I picked it out before I decided pink was a color I’d wear. (I’ve since made a pink jacket and 2 pink shirts…It’s been 3 months. People change.) THANKS, HARTS! Sorry, I took an eon on this project.

And. The patterns. Fiona Sundress and Kendrick Overalls. Harts also supplied the Fiona pattern. And I tried my best to work with the tissue pattern. But I’m a PDF pattern girl and I just CANNOT handle tissue patterns. The are scary just like spiders. So I sold the paper pattern and bought the PDF. And my life got 4000 percent* better.

Princess seams and buttons up the front. I was on the right track here. I muslined view A of Fiona in white stretch twill.

Then I started on the bottom portion using the Kendricks pants. Now if one went back and looked at the style lines on the Anthro inspo, they have little pleats in the front. I wasn’t so much interested in that, nor slash pockets. They always gape. No thanks.

I cut the Kendrick pants straight up without the hip pockets as I planned to add the beautiful patch pockets from Fiona here. Given I measure 29” at the waist and 37” for hips and I had non-stretch fabric, I choose to start with size 8. After a quick baste fit of the 8, while neglecting to read where it says in the directions that the outseam has a full 1” seam allowance, I found them to be miles too big. I decided to reprint and start with size 4. I’d have lots of room in the outseam to adjust if necessary. Ultimately, the 4 was a much better place to start.

At some point I remembered the back of the jumpsuit as having cross over straps and so for some reason I switched to using the view B bodice from Fiona. I think at this point the jumpsuit had sold out so there weren’t many pictures to consult and I had a temporary moment of insanity. I mean why would I have muslined the other view if I ultimately intended to use a different one? I just can’t explain it.

why, Loni? why?

why, Loni? why?

To attach the Fiona top to the Kendricks bottoms, I simply sandwiched the top seam of the waistband/waistband facing, lining up the side seams. Top stitching the waistband facing finished it all off


So my jumpsuit doesn’t look THAT MUCH like the original one I set out to copy. It’s not pink. The straps and back cut are differently and the pants are not at all the same style. No flare.

But it’s done!

I made this!

I made this!

Kinda cute?

I realized that wedgie was a pain in the ass and something ought to be done about it.



A quick low seat adjustment helped!

before and after a low seat adjustment

before and after a low seat adjustment

It looks like I moved the pockets down too, but I hadn’t! It’s just the magic of that little scoop of the back crotch curve.

The legs were slimmed quite a bit from the original silhouette of Kendrick. I pulled a full inch off the outseam of both the front and back leg starting at the hem and tapering back to the original seam allowance at the bottom of the patch pocket.


I kinda wish I had brained how to do a zipper in the back or one of the side seams. It’s a lot of buttons to undo if you’re needing to use the loo. (I’ve been watching Fleabag, you?)


I had added 5 inches to the hem length from the outset since wanted them to be full length, but I think I prefer them rolled. They probably ended up at the same length as originally designed. #alwaystrustadrianna

The finishing for both patterns is fab.

The bias trim on the edge of the waistband facing is not done “right” per se, but it’s done.

The bias trim on the edge of the waistband facing is not done “right” per se, but it’s done.

I used Citron Jeans buttons because they are the. best. period.


So I’m glad I saw this vision through. Even if it’s a few months late for #sewbibs, it’s 50% Hey June!


*hyperbole never