If you're a sewcialist or following any sewcialists, you're in the midst of the parade of me-mades know as Me-Made-May. (If you aren't familiar with Me-Made-May, check Zoe's post about it this year, the 8th year!). For me, that means plenty of awkward selfies. (Is there any other kind?) The quirky pics I'm able to capture of myself are fun, but I've got some some fantastic new headshots I've been dying to show off. 

I had been in dire need of a few professional headshots for my site for several months, when I contacted a local studio in late March. 

Enter Andi Roberts. 

In addition to being a talented photographer, she's simply an incredible human. I owe many thanks to Andi and her team of other incredible humans for the incredible photos I'm sharing in this post. (Did I mention they are incredible?)

Tonya Winebrenner styled my hair and did my makeup. Such a rare and decadent treat in and of itself! (I might not have washed my hair or face for a day or 2 following. Or maybe it was 3. Pick whichever number is the biggest without being too shameful.)

We actually shot 3 outfits; one was a casual outfit consisting of some cozy double brushed poly leggings I made in a fury just before the team arrived (I happen to be wearing them while writing this) and a me-made top which ended up succumbing to a diaper malfunction (the baby's, #momlife).

But my red Les Fleurs kimono stole the show.

Fashionista extraordinaire, Courtney, is in charge of styling and helped me pull my looks together. Pop over and check out her lifestyle and fashion blog, Ran.dom.o.si.ty 7.4.0, here.

That floor!

That floor!

We also got some shots with the kids. Andi's just as good at making women feel beautiful as she is working with kids. She transitioned to taking family pictures without a hitch. 

Each of the kids wore one mama-made item and they are mismatched and barefoot because kids.

Each of the kids wore one mama-made item and they are mismatched and barefoot because kids.

We also had an intimate mini session in front of my mom's sewing machine on the other side of the attic when the baby needed to nurse. It was a spontaneous and touching moment captured with grace.


She also captured a few additional details from my space. Full studio tour here.

With about a week left of Me-Made-May there's probably still some more awkward selfies coming, but these headshots are here to stay. Thanks for stopping by!

Find more of Andi's stunning work on her sites, Robert's Family Photography and Hot Tomato, and if you're an MOV local just go ahead and treat yourself to a session.