New Favorite Halifax

Does every new thing you make suddenly become your new favorite thing? It happens to me almost every time. (I'm excluding my Stubborn Sewist makes, naturally. I don't want to talk about those.) 

Anyhoozle, I sewed another view of the Halifax hoodie pattern last night (finally). I previously played with view E because I love the diagonal side seams. I used some luscious modal French terry from La Finch fabrics, one of the fabrics chosen for February's #letssewthistogether. 


Now, I know it's March, but February is short and I had a bit of a sickness come over me in February. I was bitten by the No Fear New Jeans bug that spread rapidly after being introduced by Closet Case. I'm digressing as per usual.

Back to my new favorite Halifax!


I lined the hood and the pockets with a light weight white sweater-y rib.


This made the pockets a bit bulky where the zipper is attached, but I'm still very happy with the overall outcome.


My favorite detail is the twill tape used to finish the zipper. I honestly wasn't expecting this because I'm guilty of not reading through the pattern instructions before starting a project. So it was late last night when I got to the steps for installing the zipper and, well, this was the twill tape I had on hand. I love it. It's details like these that really make making your own clothes rewarding. (One word of caution on this twill tape. It's the first time I've used this particular one in clothing so I can't attest to how it holds up with laundering.)

I would love to get some personalized twill tape to use for future makes. Wanna recommend a vendor (from etsy, for example)?

And I love how it fits! I cut a straight size small after sewing several in size medium and finding them pretty over-sized. (Body measurements- bust 36", hips 40".) I also find that the shoulders are a tad wide for me on Hey June patterns, so I shave 1/2" off the armscye.


I used a two-way jacket zip, because I think they're fun and they add a little bit more bling.

ready to wear inspiration

ready to wear inspiration

I think the only other little tweak I'd do for my next one is to make the bottom band one continuous piece instead of having seams at the side seams. And I do plan to make another one immediately. I've got some brushed poly with extra lycra that's very similar in fiber content to a rtw hoodie I received for Christmas.


Thanks for stopping by!

Hidden Kangaroo Pocket for Halifax


A few folks asked for a tutorial on how I achieved the pocket after I shared my new favorite sweatshirt, so today I'm showing you how to create a simple hidden kangaroo pocket for the Halifax pattern (Hey June).

halifax E.JPG

I had recently made 3 View Es of Halifax. It started with trying to recreate the hi-lo hem on the newly released Sunday Everyday (Ensemble Patterns). 

I think it worked out fine, but anyway! Back to the pocket, Loni. Focus.


First, make a copy (by printing another one or tracing the original) of the Halifax's front panel, and cut it to the height of the pocket pouch you desire. My pocket panel pattern piece is about 10 inches long on the angled side seam. Scoop out a shallow pocket opening in the middle of the side seam, preserving about 2 inches of the original side seam above and below the opening. 

You'll be using this new pattern piece to cut a pocket facing and a pocket lining. The pocket facing has the curved openings and the lining is cut straight, without any openings.

Take your main front panel (folded) and lay your new template over. Then cut out the pocket openings.


Also cut a pocket facing with pocket openings and a pocket lining (red) without the openings. If you are using a light weight knit, you may want to interface the wrong side of the pocket facing to give the pocket a little stability. I used ponte for this example and a quilted knit for my original design so I did not interface those pieces.


Place the front panel and pocket facing right sides together. Sew or serge along the pocket opening curves (essentially between pins here).


Flip the pocket facing so the front panel and the facing are now wrong sides together. Press. Top stitch the pocket opening curves.


Lay the pocket lining over the pocket facing, right sides together. Sew or serge along the top straight edge, keeping the main front panel out of the way.


That is it, my friends! 


You may like to baste or pin the 3 layers together along the sides and bottom to avoid shifting while you assemble the rest of your Halifax as per the pattern instructions.