What's in the box?

Having received the shipping confirmation on a Wednesday, I decided a special unboxing of my Dressmaker's Delight SewHere Box was in order when it arrives. It's special because I waited 3 months for this box of sewing goodies. (The scissors are to blame for the hold up. I'll get to that later.)

First, you might be wondering, what's a SewHere box? It's a bundle of sewing stuffs packaged and sold by the SewHere.com. This box was the second edition and like the previous SewHere Box, some of the items are a surprise until received.

Second, maybe you're wondering who's behind SewHere? Only the coolest sewlebrities ever, Mallory Donohue and her mum, Zede. Together with their staff, they are pretty much the best thing in the internet sewing world. Yup. Super witty, crazy knowledgeable and experienced. Mallory's Self Sewn Wardrobe FB group is a tremendous amount of fun. Join. You won't regret it. But don't join if you're a dick. It's one of the last amazing spaces left on the interwebs.

But you're not a dick. You're an awesome person with a lust for sewing. JOIN.

Now it's Thursday. I'm stalking my box, obsessively checking the tracking. My box is reported to have passed through Indianapolis, IN and is scheduled to arrive Saturday.

Friday morning, the first surprise arrives! I get an email that my box is actually out for delivery a day earlier than originally scheduled. Waaaat!

It's here!!!

It's here!!!

Spoiler! It's not Gywneth's head.

Zede's FAVORITE SCISSORS. These are the buggers that held up the box a wee bit (like 2 months). Mallory had to bust some balls for these. It REQUIRED a stern email. But they were worth the wait. They feel glorious in the hand. And that sweet little charm. A lovely little surprise touch.

A personalized note came with every box. Mallory and Zede hand-wrote them all. It's those personal touches that are the icing on the cake. (Though, honestly, I'm slightly disappointed my note was so G rated. I was promised a note with explicit content. We get a little saucy in the group sometimes. Did you join yet? It's fun!) 

So the box was chock full of amazing stuff. Things I can't wait to try and things that I think will take me and the things I sew up a notch. THANKS, SewHere!

Update and funny story-

There's a few other exclusives included with the box and I completely missed the secret site. Mallory and Zede have a fabulous unboxing video and some bonus downloads as well, BUT YOU WOULDN'T KNOW IT IF YOU DON'T TURN OVER THE CARD WITH THE DISCOUNT CODE.

Also, it's come to my attention that on mobile you can't see the captions for all the items in my post (that I painstakingly wrote in between catering to my children's every need this morning). So this post is a bit of a bust. Wah. Time for a #bloggingbeer.

Now that I've actually had a chance to use some of the goodies in my SewHere Box, I feel the need to gush a bit about some of my favorite things.

It goes without saying that the scissors are incredible. I never want to cut with anything else ever.

The Snap n Slide tape measure is really handy. I mean REALLY HANDY. It makes getting your own body measurements so much easier. One end snaps onto the glide, which keeps the measurement marked, even upon release. LOVE THIS THING. Don't let your kids get a hold of it. They will love it too. And you'll never see it again.

The thread ended up being perfect for the next project I sewed. HOW DID THE SEWHERE GODDESSES KNOW?

The organdy feels superb. I've yet to use it in a sewing project, but I can tell it will work well, and I'm grateful to have a large sample to try. This SewHere Box feels like a special gift from sewing experts that really care about sewists and helping them succeed. 

More goodies have been put to use!

I opened the up the flexible curve ruler. A whopping 36" of bendy awesomeness that holds its shape. Cool beans.

Here's that mysterious Hugo's stuff in action. It's a clear plastic band that sticks to itself and can be used and reused for bundling fabric or, as I've done above, keeping your thread tidily on their spools.